All You Need to Know About Pallet Support Bars

Pallet support racks supplier in Dubai, UAE

Support bars are an essential part of any pallet rack system. They are designed to connect the beams of a pallet rack, providing increased structural integrity and support, keeping the bottom of the pallet (and its contents) secure, and keeping inventory up to code. Support bars are often hidden beneath the surface of a wooden … Read more

Know The Importance of Staircase Services

Staircase suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Why is the staircase important? Staircases were once a simple and functional means of moving between levels. They were not a means to accessorize home exteriors, or to impress guests with their height and visually stunning features. That changed in the 16th century, when the Renaissance gave way to a period known as the Baroque … Read more

Features of GI Grating


A well-laid sprinkler system is an essential part of a building’s fire protection plan. Without it, the potential for damage to the building and its contents is high. The best way to protect your goods and equipment from fire damage is by providing sprinklers with good coverage and flow paths to all areas of the … Read more

Know All About Warehouse Rack and Shelf

Warehouse racking supplier in Dubai, UAE

When we envision a warehouse, we often think of a cavernous space with huge metal shelves stacked row after row. However, industrial pallet racking systems are more common than the standard metal shelf systems. The advantages of using pallet racking over metal shelving systems are that they take up less permanent floor space and have … Read more

Features of Chrome Shelving

Chrome Shelving Supplier in Dubai, UAE

If you want to find a product that will help you store your items and give you the flexibility to arrange things in a way that makes sense to you, you might look into chrome shelving. These products are very easy to assemble, and they’re often used in warehouses. A major advantage of using these … Read more

Elevator Suppliers Dubai – Elevator maintenance

Abazar Shelving

What are elevators? All the new elevators are fueled by electric motors, with the help of a counterweight, through a system which is called cables and sheaves (pulleys). The first known reference to an elevator is in the works of the Roman architect Vitruvius, who reported that Archimedes (c. 287–212 BCE) built his first elevator, … Read more

Warehouse Storage Boxes in Dubai


What is A Storage Box? A storage box is any kind of box used to keep things in that they are sometimes found in warehouses or offices. It can be referred to as storage bins, and maybe just about any form, size, color, or material – through cardboard and plastic are favored as they’re sturdy … Read more

Material Handling Equipment Suppliers in UAE

If you are looking to outfit your facility with the proper material handling equipment and systems, you have come back to the proper place. You can realize these kinds of equipment are used across many types of industries, making them very versatile. By knowing a lot about material handling equipment, you’ll be able to higher … Read more

Hand Trolley – Warehouse Worker’s Best Friend

hand trolly

Hand trolley – warehouse worker’s best friend. A hand trolley is a kind of transporting equipment that is used to move products from one place to another. It is also called a platform trolley. It is considered to be the most industrial or warehouse tool after the aluminum ladder as this helps in warehouse management. … Read more

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