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Whether for industrial goods lifting or constructional material handling, cargo lifts can be utilized as the best-engineered component for lifting and transporting in a safe manner. We offer you analyzed and well-organized solutions with the best quality commercial cargo lifts, depending on your industrial requirements. Providing you efficiency, speed, and convenience, while lifting or moving heavy material to balconies, basements and multi-storied constructional sites, our cargo lifts come in different weight capacity, design as well as shapes.

Features & Benefits of Our Cargo Lifts

Features of Commercial Cargo Lifts

Durable warehouse cargo lift for efficient handling. #WarehouseCargoLift #CargoLift

Types of cargo lift available in the Market!!

We can help you with the highest quality assistance in getting commercial cargo lifts for your industrial needs. With our guaranteed customer satisfaction and a wide range of options, you will have less time-consuming material lifting at your industrial site.
Versatile cargo lift for various warehouse applications. #WarehouseCargoLift #VersatileUse

Mine Cargo Lift

It’s commercial cargo lifts for vertical movements of goods between floors to a height. It is versatile and excellent in operation, used widely for the agricultural and industrial sector.
Heavy-duty warehouse cargo lift for large loads. #WarehouseCargoLift #HeavyDuty


One very economical type is the Cantilever, which is prone to carrying low capacity and small form of cargo platform. It loads from different sides and is recommended for lifting goods for small rooms and even mezzanines.
Reliable cargo lift for safe and secure transport. #WarehouseCargoLift #SafeTransport

Platform Lifts

It is highly used in workshops, wholesale depots also for warehouse goods lifting. It offers a special balancing system and has a technical capacity, unlike a traditional loading cage.

Looking for Quality Material Lifting Solutions in Dubai?

We can help you with the highest quality assistance in getting commercial cargo lifts for your industrial needs. With our guaranteed customer satisfaction and a wide range of options, you will have less time-consuming material lifting at your industrial site.

Efficient warehouse cargo lift for improved logistics. #WarehouseCargoLift #ImprovedLogistics

Why Choose us as a warehouse cargo lift Suppliers in the UAE?

We warehouse cargo lift Suppliers take up challenging cargo lifting projects for our customer, and our services include a wholesome of everything dealing with lifting solutions. We have a range of packages that will meet the vivid needs of yours and also be able to customize it according to the requirement.

Handling cargo projects needs relevant experience, resources, team and equipment on board. Being renowned cargo lift suppliers in Dubai, UAE, we understand it, and we have a successful track record for superior services. Abazar Shelving can assist you with any help you need and give you quality results.

We at Abazar Shelving are a company that provides you with top-quality assistance in getting the warehouse and commercial cargo lift that’s right for your business. With over years of experience, we have helped countless businesses in the UAE find the right cargo lift to suit their specific needs. Whether it is construction or warehousing, our team of experts will work with you to help you find the best cargo lifts for industrial needs. Our team knows what it takes to operate efficiently and safely in an industrial site, which is why we are confident in our ability to provide proper guidance. We’ve helped companies like yours meet their goals and exceed their expectations, and we want to do the same for you. So if you’re looking for companies that can help you find the perfect industrial cargo lift in Dubai, then look no further than Abazar Shelving.


Cargo lifts are becoming more and more common in apartment buildings and housing developments. They’re practical and have a myriad of benefits, including making it easier to move things up and down, as well as helping out people who might not be able to carry heavy things up or down stairs.

To fit a standard cargo lift like the one pictured below into your pit space, you’ll need a minimum pit depth of 1100 mm—which is about 2.85 meters from the surface of the floor. Since the cargo lift is at least four meters tall, it needs headroom—or vertical space—of at least 3400 mm.

And you can also get a ramp instead of having a pit if you want to save some space in your building’s lowest floor. A ramp adds about 60 cm or two feet to your building’s overall height, but there’s no need for extra headroom.

You’ll have to measure your floor plan carefully before deciding which option will work best for you.

Cargo lifts are used for industrial purposes, such as moving heavy materials, equipment, and other items in and out of buildings. These lifts have the same parts as passenger lifts but with different functions. Since cargo elevators are used for more rugged purposes compared to passenger elevators, they require regular inspections and maintenance to keep them functioning correctly and safely. Inspections should be conducted at least every 12 months to avoid potential mechanical failures or injuries due to incorrect functioning. Cargo elevator maintenance also includes checking the safety mechanisms such as interlocks, limit switches, and door safety sensors. Most of these parts are similar to those in passenger elevators but are subject to wear and tear after constant use. A properly maintained cargo elevator can significantly prolong its lifespan as well as ensure smooth operation and safe use.

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