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What are Carpet Storage Racks?

This refers to large racks, where you have horizontally placed products that are difficult to manage such as carpet, textiles, vinyl and more in a safe, and secure manner. Carpet storage racking involves organized shelving to shield the integrity of the carpets and save up to 60% of your storage space.

Features of Roll Storage Racks

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We Offer The Best Quality Carpet Roll Storage Racks in Dubai:

Let us help you with the best carpet storage racks from the leading manufacturers in UAE. Our team can help you with racking solutions that have been designed to meet your needs, and budget in the best way. Plus, you can be rest assured for the safety and storage of your products.

Advantages of Carpet Storage Racking

Carpet storage racking is an efficient way to organize, store, and access rolls of carpet and other materials. The unique design of this type of carpet roll storage rack provides a variety of benefits that are not available with other systems.

Many businesses use rolls of carpet and other materials for different purposes. For example, a carpet retailer may use rolls to display their products in a retail space or warehouse. This means that the rolls must be accessible and easily viewed by customers, but also protected from dust and dirt. Generally, the ends of rolls of carpet are left exposed on the floor, which can lead to costly damage from careless customers or weather elements. The same is true of rolls used in warehouses; they must be protected and organized so that they are easy to locate when needed.

Carpet storage racking solutions can be customized based on the size and weight of the rolls that are being stored. The system works by using gravity to hold the roll in place while forklifts or other lifting devices pick it up off the ground. Once the roll has been placed on the rack, it stays in place until it is removed because there is no need for additional fasteners or clamping mechanisms. This allows for maximum efficiency by minimizing handling time between the factories and loading docks.

Carpet roll racking systems offer numerous benefits to carpet merchants, retailers and businesses.

Carpet roll storage systems are bespoke and can be adjusted according to the size of the rolls being stored. This maximises storage capacity and ensures the maximum efficiency of loading and unloading trucks.

The ease with which fork trucks can be used to transport the rolls across the store or warehouse promotes a safe working environment for staff, which will not have to lift heavy rolls or use specialist handling equipment to move them around.

Given that this system is suitable for any flooring material, such as vinyl and carpets, it is a versatile choice for businesses utilising both these products. It is also beneficial as roll storage systems are typically more affordable than pallet racking options when purchasing in bulk, which can save money in the long term.

With many carpet roll storage systems available on the market, carpet merchants should consider other factors when choosing their racking. Factors such as durability, longevity and functionality in comparison to price should be considered before a final decision is made.

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