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Why Drive in Racking System is Ideal for You?

To maximize the storage space, drive in pallet racking system is an ideal option for storing large amounts of products that are not time delicate.

Drive Through Pallet Racking System are placed in a way that they can be slid backwards on a rail, creating more space without removing any pallet in the warehouse. Forklifts enter the racking from one way to unload or load the products. There are two main types of drive-in racking systems available, single entry and double entry drive in racks. Whether you have fragile product loads or products that need cold storage, this can be an ideal setting at your cold storage warehouse.

Features of Our Drive-in Pallet Racks

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Advantages & Features of Drive-in Pallet Racking

Why Choose Our drive-in Pallet Racking system?

We at Abazar Shelving prove to be a reliable source for quality drive-in pallet racking in UAE from prominent manufacturers. We are one of the recognized and highly esteemed suppliers of premium quality storage solutions. Clients value our entire product range for its durability, quality, and affordable pricing. 

With its unmatched quality and features and equipped with advanced tools and machines, you make the best investment. We have a team of highly creative and skilled professionals who use their skills to guarantee you the best solutions. Our drive-in racking system in UAE is ideal for a business looking for higher density storage, first out and last in configuration.

What are the Types of Drive-in racks?

Single-entry: The single entry drive-in pallet racking system allows forklift access from one side, known as the standard drive-in racking solution. 

Double Entry: It offers forklift access from both sides of racking. Designed for accessing pallets through the back and front site. It has a larger beam in the center of the structure, keeping the racks together, known as drive-through racking.

Our drive-in racking system is suitable for: 

  • If your products need a freezer or cold storage type, needs
  • If you serve a large number of similar products with limited space
  • If you deal with fragile product load that can’t be stored in block stacks 
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We are a reliable source for a drive-in platter storage racks in UAE from the leading manufacturers so that you can get the best storage solution for your warehouse, industrial stockrooms and retail stockrooms etc.

Being a leading supplier, our Double deep pallet racking system in Dubai is versatile, offering adaptable solutions. We stay true to our high standards for safety, security, integrity, and commitment to quality. Our heavy-duty Double Deep Pallet in Dubai, UAE is built from premium quality raw material, tested, and certified for use. Our wide range of solutions will meet your vivid needs. By using the stacking solutions we supply, your storage volumes will be dramatically increased. Fostered with a team of specialized and highly experienced professionals, we offer clients excellent quality and range of Double Deep Racking. We supply products employing technology, technique, and approved quality to fulfil the set of industrial norms. 

What is the purpose of the Drive-in Pallet Racking system?

Drive-in pallet racks are designed for the storage of homogenous products. They accommodate a large number of pallets for each SKU. Drive through pallet racking is most suitable for applications where forklift access is required at all times, because the pallets stored in the rack must be accessible from above by a forklift. Also, the spaces between the pallets are limited, so there is little room for containers and other materials.

Drive-in racking doesn’t have to be used only for palletized storage. Other types of products can be stocked on these racks if they can be lifted up by a forklift. For example, plastic drums and metal kegs can be placed on drive-in racking and accessed easily with a forklift.

The drive-in system also has an advantage over other systems because it requires fewer personnel to load and unload products onto the rack. On average, a pallet rack requires two people to load and unload product, while a drive-in rack typically requires only one person.

Drive-in pallet racking is a type of industrial storage rack that provides high-density storage of pallets. Drive-in racks are also called pick-to-light racking since the access lanes have lights to provide visual guidance for picking pallets.

The drive-in style access lanes in a drive-in rack are placed perpendicular to the backplane, i.e., parallel to the entry/exit aisles of the racking system. The lanes allow forklifts to enter and exit the storage rack while carrying pallet loads. The forklift operator can then easily find exit aisles and move between bays on the same level and at right angles to the aisle, allowing for fast and easy loading and unloading of pallets.

What is the history of Drive-In Pallet Racking?

Drive-in racks were first developed by Muller Industries Corporation, who designed them for use in grocery warehouses where individual stores may require different shelf heights for their inventory. In this application, there are typically three levels of shelving, with palletized products stored on multiple levels as well as in single-level rows between each level.

How strong drive-in pallet racks are?
You’d be surprised how strong pallet racks are. There are a few things to note that make pallet racks so sturdy, so let’s take a look at them now.

The first thing to know about pallet racks is that they’re made of steel. That means they can hold heavy items without bending or breaking them. The second key thing to know is that the steel bars are welded together into tight rows, which keeps them from bending when weight is applied. This makes them very strong and hardy.

Another important thing to know is that the metal frame of these pallet racks is designed with strength in mind; if you’ve ever worked with steel before, you might know that it isn’t especially pliable. A lot of curvy and swirly designs—or any design at all, for that matter—won’t cut it for a metal rack, because it needs to be able to support heavy loads evenly across the entire structure; this means there can’t be any thin spots or weak places in the metal where a heavy load could break through and cause damage or injury. All this together makes drive-in pallet racks incredibly sturdy, making them an ideal choice for warehouse use by businesses and industries alike!

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