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Get Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Solutions: Durable & Affordable for Warehouses & Stores in Dubai, UAE.

Under heavy duty pallet racking system, pallet racking remains to be the most useful and popular storage option for utilizing the space in warehouses and picking fields. Most abundant user-friendly storage system accessible from all sides to the pallets. The design is minimal and it provides maximum storage volume. It is easy to set up and cost effective. Heavy duty racking system is an arrangement of pallets in either single or double rows, positioned side by side so that product handling is easy, and goods are directly accessible.

Abazar Shelving is among the leading heavy duty pallet racking suppliers in Dubai for storage warehouses and stores, which will assist you with the simplest and cost-effective way of building a storage space, containing all the modern and safe pallets and heavy duty racking system at an affordable price. You can store anything from small goods to big equipment, heavy load and sanitation materials with the maximum use of storage space available.

Features of Our Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System for Warehouse Storage Racks

Heavy-duty warehouse racks for commercial storage.

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Advantages of Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Utilize Storage Capacity

A heavy duty racking system is the most efficient way of utilizing your warehouse or factory storage capacity. Pallets can be stacked in rows to create storage levels, increasing the number of pallets that can be stored in your warehouse or factory. This gives you ultimate flexibility in your storage system and is ideal for a wide range of businesses.

Heavy-duty pallet racking come in a range of heights and widths, meaning that you can choose the unit that exactly meets your needs. As well as this, it is possible to add extra units on top of one another to create a taller storage unit should you need to store more pallets on a regular basis.


Selective pallet racking systems in Dubai are highly versatile when compared to other heavy duty racking systems. Heavy-duty shelving systems provide a high degree of flexibility in terms of design, which allows them to be configured in any number of ways – whether you need to maximize space and minimize your inventory count or vice versa.

As well as being flexible in terms of space, a heavy-duty pallet rack, amongst other heavy-duty racking can be used with all types of pallets and handling equipment including bulky items. This is particularly useful if you have a mixed inventory containing different sizes and weights of products. By using one system for all your stock, you can maximize the efficiency of your storage capacity, minimizing the amount of space lost on empty pallets.

Inventory Management

With first in, first out (FIFO) inventory management, the oldest products are removed from the heavy duty racks first. This system is beneficial for businesses that have large quantities of older products that they do not need to keep on hand. Because they will be removed first, these products will not clog up the storage capacity or prevent newer products from being properly stocked. This stillage pallets management system can also help businesses by keeping them from having to stock too many older products that no longer sell as well and reduce turnover time.

For example, a clothing store may have a large number of items with low stock numbers in storage units. The store owner may want to keep the newer pieces in front so that the customers will purchase them more often and rotate out the older ones. Abazar shelving allows this type of storage capacity setup without making it difficult to locate the newest items.

Ease of access

Heavy duty racking and pallet racking systems are a great way to maximize storage space and protect valuable goods, but not all systems are created equal. Selective pallet racking is the best option for businesses that have a lot of small goods that need to be easily accessible at any time. It is more versatile than other storage capacities and can grow seamlessly as your stock needs change.

Heavy Duty racking and industrial shelving allows you to pick the ideal configuration for your business needs, so you can get in and out of your stock as quickly as possible and always improve on your delivery time. You can adapt the system to meet your specific requirements without having to spend money on additional equipment. At the same time, it will save you time because you don’t have to waste time looking for goods that have been stored in less accessible areas of your warehouse.

Heavy duty racking and shelving units let you store small goods on top of large pallets, which keeps them protected from pests, dust and moisture while making them easy to access wherever the storage unit is. You don’t need to compromise between safety and accessibility customers won’t have to wait while you move a whole pile of smaller goods out of the way before they can find what they’re looking for.

Types of Racking and Shelving Solutions

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