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Medium Duty Racking System in Dubai, UAE

For medium duty storage applications in warehouses and industrial stockrooms, medium duty racks offer easy access and fast material handling. It is basically an ideal storage system for hand stacking plus, the shelves are adjustable and can be customized as per the storage requirements.

Features of Medium Duty Racking System

Medium duty racks Suppliers Dubai, UAE

Quality & Long Durable Medium Duty Rack System

Medium duty racking shelf system is durable, strong, and highly adaptable shelving solutions. It reduces lost space from uprights, allowing many storage applications in outlets, offices, and other spaces. It is a perfect option for warehouse and industrial items, capable of delivering multi-purpose uses. The medium-duty rack is fully functional, suitable for all users where bonus space is needed. We, the Medium Duty shelving supplier, guarantee our solution to meet your higher density storage needs.

Advantages of Medium Duty Racking System

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medium duty racking supplier in Dubai, UAE

Why Choose us for medium duty racking system?

We at Abazar Shelving, a medium-duty racking system supplier in Dubai, offer complete and quality-driven storage solutions. Our shelving accommodates mid-load and cartons that are ideal for your medium storage needs. Our medium-duty storage in UAE is great for easy to access products, accommodating varied weights, sizes and maintaining cost-effectiveness.With our expert team, our system will fulfil your needs and budget with the best storage solution. We have been in the business for a long time, keeping quality measures adopted and dealing with the prominent manufacturers for the best range of products possible.

Our medium duty racking system is 

  • Easy to configure
  • available in unique size, shape, capabilities, and load
  • offer higher performance and greater durability
  • Easily configurable 
We can provide you with the best designed medium duty racks in Dubai ideal for commercial as well as industrial warehouse storage, and material handling. With enough knowledge and experience in the industry, we have a variety of racking system that perfectly meets your requirements at competitive price.

Why is medium duty racking important?

For a small or medium-sized business, the primary goal for storage is to keep products safe and in a presentable condition while also making them easy to access. For many businesses, the most accessible parts of a warehouse are at the top and bottom of racks, closets and other storage facilities.The problem with this is that when you try to access items from these areas, you have to step over and around the products that are stored below your reach. This wastes time and exposes your products to unnecessary wear and tear.

The solution is a medium-duty rack system. These are built with several features to make you more productive when it comes to stocking shelves, unloading racks, working on inventory checks and everything you do in your warehouse requires getting up high. When you’re working on things at floor level or below, you have to bend down or get on your knees by default. That’s uncomfortable over long periods of time—and unnecessary when you can raise yourself up to a comfortable height with a medium-duty rack system.

A medium-duty rack system is an effective way to utilize the available storage space and to have immediate access to all stored goods. A medium-duty shelving system is proper for small and medium-sized items.

medium duty racking supplier in Dubai, UAE

Specifications of medium duty shelving 

  • The Medium Duty Racks can be used for most types of storage, such as sorting small spare parts and tools. The floor spacing of 600 mm means that the racks are also suitable for light-duty storage of standard pallets.
  • The Medium Duty Racks have a load capacity of 300 kg per layer (600 kg per floor) and are stackable up to 4 floors high. The total weight of the stack should not exceed 2000 kg.
  • The Medium Duty Racks are made from galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish that protects the surface against corrosion and rust. The four layers are secured with plastic pins, which make it quick and easy to change the configuration of the rack.
  • The racks have an anti-slip surface and rubber feet to keep them stable on the floor. They are also equipped with cable holders that can be adjusted to any height along the frame.
  • For small and medium warehouses, the type of shelving system that are most commonly used is medium duty shelving in Dubai. These heavy duty racks are meant to store medium and large goods, as well as small goods that are bulky in nature. There are many types of medium duty racks, which can be customized to fit any warehouse’s needs. In addition, these racks come in a variety of colors, which makes it easy for a warehouse manager to match them with the color scheme of their business.
  • The first step in selecting the right racks for a warehouse is to decide what kind of goods will be stored on them. The next step is to choose what size is most appropriate for the space available, as well as what kind of support will be needed. After this comes choosing the right color and adding accessories, such as doors or gateways, to maximize efficiency. Once all these decisions have been made, the warehouse owner should order their new rack with ease from Abazar Shelving.

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