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From safety products to highly valuable stock or industrial equipment, metal cages can provide the ultimate protection to your warehouse stock and industrial storage. We at Abazar Shelving offer you total weather and damage protection with highly strong metal storage cages that can be easily assembled and fixed according to your requirements.

Features of Metal Warehouse Cages

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We Are the One Stop Destination for Warehouse Storage Solutions in UAE

Whether you need tool cages, solid panel metal cages, and constructional cages or else, we offer you the best storage solutions that fit your industry with added security and long life span.
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Why Choose us as a Metal Storage Cages Suppliers in the UAE?

Our metal storage cages have the advantages of neat stacking, clear and convenient sorting, along a fixed storing capacity. We can help you improve and gain effective storage space utilization, making your product convenient to transport and reducing cost. We have been in the industry for a very long time and hold an experience that speaks for itself. We can customize and design the metal cages for storage solutions based on your industrial and commercial application according to your vivid requirement. We have a unique range of products that will meet your vivid needs and serve your storage capacity pretty well. Our products are greatly used in retail, logistic and recycling, and other industries and offer storage cage lockable features.

What are the benefits you will get when you use our metal cage storage?

When you’re looking to purchase commercial storage units for your warehouse racking in Dubai, there’s nothing more effective than buying a metal cage. Metal cages surround their contents with a protective barrier that keeps everything secure and safe from outside threats like theft, vandalism, or weathering.

When it comes to safety products, the benefits are obvious: no one wants their stock to be stolen or damaged. For industrial equipment, though, the value of this protection is just as high: if the equipment breaks down because it was unprotected during shipping or storage, the cost of getting it back up and running again will far exceed the price of a metal cage.

In addition to these obvious benefits of using a metal cage, steel storage cage, and cylinder cage as your storage unit, there’s another added bonus to consider: once you’ve purchased the cage itself, you’re done spending money on it! Unlike wooden or plastic crates and containers that can get worn out over time, these storage cages and shelves last for years on end without any repair work or upkeep. They never need paint jobs or touch-ups; they don’t need covering in plastic; they don’t even need cleaning! Even if it’s completely empty, you can leave a metal cage outside in all kinds of weather—it won’t rust or become damaged by rain or fog!

A metal or steel storage cage can be a great alternative to a shelving unit when you need to store some valuable and large items. Metal cages are ideal for the protection of your warehouse stock and industrial storage.

Versatile metal cages for various storage needs. #StorageMetalCages #VersatileStorage

We offer you high-quality products like racking and storage shelves in Dubai that make sure no one will steal your items, and they will be safe. We have different kinds of metal and storage cages for warehouse racking in Dubai that can be used for different purposes, like:

  • To protect your stock from thieves or vandalism
  • To store large equipment and machinery
  • And many more

We ship all over the UAE, so you can use our products without any problem. We are the top metal cage manufacturer in the UAE.

If you need a cage, a shelf, or any sort of storage in Dubai, whether it’s for your home or your workplace, then we are the place to go. Dubai is a city with many different needs and wants, so we offer a wide variety of services. From storage cages to cylinder storage boxes, we’re sure to have what you need. The best part is that we offer all of our products at affordable prices. Whether you are in the market for a few pieces or an entire warehouse worth of supplies, we can help.

We provide a variety of racking and shelving products in Dubai that are suited to meet your needs. Our products include Cylinder Cages, Storage Shelves and Steel Storage Cages. We also stock a large range of shelves for transport as well as display-style shelves.

We are a leading metal cage manufacturer in the UAE. Not only do we have an extensive selection of products available at our warehouse, but our team is knowledgeable about all of the products that we offer. This means that no matter what you need, whether it is metal shelving or steel storage boxes, our team can help you decide on which product would fit your needs the most.


There are many based on different requirements, like transport cage pallets, heavy-duty ones, pallet retainers, multi-purpose pallet cage, and easy storage cage. Each is having its distinct feature, effectiveness and efficiency.

We opt for a protective layer and coverage outside the cave; this ensures enough security and no chance of rusting. It will keep the moisture out, and the metal won’t be damaged at any cost.
Yes, we have supplied a considerable number of storage cages so far. We understand the need for a customized solution; some require a metal storage cage with shelves, while some don’t. Therefore we are open to customization.

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