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Mobile Shelving for Flexible Storage & Access

Mobile Shelving system has made the storage easier for maintenance stores, bulk document storage, and heavy-duty supplies etc as it increases the space utilization up to 80%.

Mobile shelving system simply includes shelves or cabinets, onto a rail system, which eliminates the need of aisles so that you can move your storage whenever you need, and add more units to the same floor area.

Also known as rolling track shelving system, or rolling cabinets, it is a convenient option, which can be combined with multiple accessories and units to get long term use with increased productivity.

Features of Mobile Shelving

We have a wide range of mobile shelving system in UAE with all the important features to meet your storage requirements in the best way. With our rolling track shelving system, you can double the storage capacity without compromising the quality and productivity.

Get effective shelving solutions in Dubai, and optimize your storage. To learn more, give us a call today!

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