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Mobile Shelving for Flexible Storage & Access

Mobile Shelving system has made the storage easier for maintenance stores, bulk document storage, and heavy-duty supplies etc as it increases the space utilization up to 80%.

Mobile shelving system simply includes shelves or cabinets, onto a rail system, which eliminates the need of aisles so that you can move your storage whenever you need, and add more units to the same floor area.

Also known as rolling track shelving system, or rolling cabinets, it is a convenient option, which can be combined with multiple accessories and units to get long term use with increased productivity.

Features of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving in Dubai for space-saving solutions. #MobileShelvingDubai #SpaceSaving

Advantages of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving units in Dubai are an easy way to increase storage and accommodate growth. Mobile shelving allows for more space, as it can be built to fit any space and provide storage on multiple levels. This means you can take advantage of vertical space, so your items don’t have to be stacked on top of each other or take up valuable floor space.Rolling track shelving systems provide the opportunity to double your storage capacity while using less space overall. If you want to save floor space or just need some extra room in your office, mobile shelving could help.

With a little creative assembly, you could use one piece of mobile shelving for multiple purposes in your office. Or, if you need more than one unit, you can easily stack them vertically for more storage, but still use the same amount of floor space as before.

Warehouse Mobile shelving also allows your business to grow with you, so you don’t have to worry about having enough storage down the road. As your business grows and more equipment is added and stored, mobile shelves allow for easy expansion by doubling your storage capacity or reducing your footprint by 50%.

Rolling track shelving systems units have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. They are versatile and easily customized storage units, able to hold everything from computers and office supplies to tools, cleaning supplies, and more.

Versatile mobile shelving for flexible storage. #MobileShelvingDubai #VersatileStorage

The benefits of mobile storage include the following :

Improved Productivity : By keeping the workplace clean and organized, employees will be less distracted while they work. Unorganized or cluttered workspaces can lead to inefficiency, which directly impacts productivity. In addition, being able to access files quickly and easily will help keep an office running smoothly. When searching for a lost file becomes a common occurrence rather than a rare one, your office can run much more efficiently than if you use more traditional shelving options.

Customizable Storage : One of the biggest benefits of mobile storage shelving in Dubai is its versatility. Rather than having to purchase pre-sized shelves that can’t fit all of your office’s needs, you can create a customized storage unit that fits your unique needs perfectly. You can even tailor the unit to different members of your warehouse, allowing them to choose what they put on their very own shelves! Mobile storage allows you to create the most effective way possible to organize documents, computer parts, cleaning products, and anything else that needs storage in your workspace.

Mobile shelving is a great way to get more out of your storage space, and there are many benefits to it. Mobile shelving allows for more accessibility to items that are on the top shelf or at the back of the room by eliminating the need for heavy lifting and moving. Shelves can easily be moved around to meet the needs of your workflow or to help you clean up a cluttered workspace. They also offer a safer working environment by eliminating the need to climb ladders or reach high up on shelves.

Mobile shelving systems in UAE save money due to their versatility and their ability to make use of every square inch of space in your warehouse or office. It can be used as a movable room divider, as well as a rolling file cabinet, allowing desks to be pushed back against walls while still allowing access. It can also be used for storage anywhere in your business, from under tables and behind chairs, to in lockers, coat closets and employee break rooms. The uses for mobile shelving are unlimited. 

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