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Pallet Rack Frame Guard System in Dubai, UAE

To avoid costly maintenance charges, stock damage and workplace accidents, pallet racking protection needs to be of the highest quality. Abazar Shelving offers you custom made pallet rack frame protectors, depending on the needs and structure of your racking system. Made of powder coated finish and durable material, our pallet frame guards include features such as :

Features of Pallet Rack Frame System:

Protective pallet rack frame guard for warehouse safety. #PalletRackFrameGuard #WarehouseSafety
We can help you with effective pallet rack frame guard racking & shelving solutions in Dubai and are dedicated to building a safe as well as a productive environment at your warehouse, factories and other industries.

What are the main reasons you need a Pallet Rack Frame Guard in your warehouse?

Pallet Racking Frame Protectors and Heavy Duty Racking End Barriers protect pallet racking from damage caused by forklift trucks. If a forklift were to hit the frames, it could cause the entire structure to collapse. Pallet Rack Frame guards are made to be used with any type of rack or shelving system. They provide a protective barrier between the frame of the rack and the end of an adjacent aisle runner or dock leveler. This protection is crucial in warehouses where forklifts constantly travel along the aisles.

Pallet Racking Frame Protectors and Heavy Duty Racking guards are manufactured from heavy-duty steel tubing that can withstand forklift impacts of up to 15,000 pounds at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. The protective barrier consists of four (4) 1″ diameter x 3/8″ thick steel tubes mounted on 3/4″ diameter x 1/8″ thick steel tubes. All mounting hardware is zinc coated for extra corrosion resistance.

Protective pallet rack frame guard for warehouse safety. #PalletRackFrameGuard #WarehouseSafety

The warehouse rack protector is shipped unassembled for ease of shipping and comes with complete mounting instructions, all necessary hardware, and easy to follow installation video link in Dubai.

As the name suggests, pallet rack frame guards are fitted onto a pallet rack to protect the structural integrity of the rack as well as its safety. Racking end protectors are an integral part of any warehouse and are used in the storage of heavy goods and equipment.

In addition to their structural benefits, pallet rack frame guards also have a number of safety benefits which includ

The key aspect to a successful business is keeping efficiency up and costs down. Pallet rack frame guards are an essential tool in any warehouse that wants to keep its staff safe and increase productivity.

Why choose us for pallet racking frame protectors?

We are your ideal pallet rack frame protector supplier in Dubai. We offer you the most effective solutions for both your safety as well as productivity. Our products are reliable, easy to install and durable. If you want to find out more about our products and services, please get in touch with us today.

Pallet rack frame protectors are a simple, cost-effective way to secure the integrity of your racking and shelving without a lot of hassle.

If you visit our website, you will find all the information you need. We have a variety of options—you can choose from metal safety rails, plastic safety blocks, and even wall anchors. You can also pick from different sizes and designs to match your specific needs.

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