Pallet Racking

Heavy duty pallet racking systems are one of the most common type of equipment’s you will easily find in a warehouse or any manufacturing plants. This type of racking system provides the 100% accessibility and good stock rotation. It is used to fit and easy to installed type of equipment’s and most economical type of capital investment is required for such type of system. It comes in various shapes and sizes that easily designs for those who can ease the install and used as storage.

Abazar offers that system which could be used in libraries, warehouses, banks, hospitals and various other commercial houses. This type of system is available for all types of business and ideal used for warehouse.

Other Various type of pallet racking system is as –

  • Adjustable racking
  • Double Deep Racking
  • Narrow Aisle Racking
  • Heavy Duty Racking
  • Bespoke Pallet Racking

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Drive-in System

Drive- in pallet racks is especially made for one way forklift or single track entry. These system as maximum storage capacity using the minimum space, which drive-in-drive-through racking system which consists of segments undivided by aisles suitable for the storage of large quantities of homogeneous products, picking and storage can be facilitated by forklift trucks driving right into the racks. These type of easily allows the trucks and safely move in and out of racks to take loads from both side.

Through this pallet rack system, there are two access aisles for forklifts to take loads, so trucks enter the bay from either aisle leave in the same direction using the First-in-first-out or FIFO approach.