Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors and having a selection of different bins for different customers might help your delivery drivers and maintain the correct deliveries every time.

Picking Shelving

The great variety of items and the high rotation it provides were key features to select this type of shelving system which is called Picking shelving. The material which required can be easily find out on the particular place and can be easily store in same place again. Loads are capacity is limited in this type of system and the materials is stored manually and retrieved. In other words, picking shelving system of manual storage and archiving for light and medium loads.

Mobile Shelving

The system of cabinets and shelving mounted upon mobile bases has enable us to optimize the office space designed for archive and file storage as well as maintaining documents confidentiality.

By use of Mobile shelving the storage space can be significantly saved and utilized by one using this system. A locking system guarantees documents protection so that unauthorized person cannot have access to the files stored.

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