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Durable and efficient selective pallet racking for optimized storage. #SelectivePalletRacking #EfficientStorage

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is the most commonly used warehouse storage system as it enables easy access to materials and goods with maximum space utilization. Placed side by side in multiple rows, this is ideal for electronics, retail stores, and wholesale stock.
Versatile racking and shelving solutions for efficient storage. #RackingAndShelving #EfficientStorage

Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors

For storage spaces that want to make flexible use of the space by utilizing the same surface area, rack supported mezzanine floors are the best solution. This allows vertical space in a warehouse that makes the process of material handling faster.
Reliable long span racking for organized warehouse. #LongSpanRacking #OrganizedStorage

Long Span Racking

Preferred for hassle-free heavy goods and small stock to be accessed regularly, long span racking is designed with various beams and frames, depending upon your storage requirements. We offer custom long span racking in UAE.
Reliable storage solution for organized warehouse. #MultiTierShelving #OrganizedStorage

Multitier Racking System

For industrial and commercial spaces where storage space is restricted, multitier racking system enables to utilize the height with multiple aisle load levels accessible with rolling stairs for a warehouse.
Durable carpet racking for organized storage and easy access. #CarpetRacking #OrganizedStorage

Carpet Storage Racking

Carpet storage racking includes organized shelving, which saves up to 60% of your storage space, and shields the quality of the carpets, and rolls. We can help you with a wide range of options when it comes to carpet storage.
Sturdy and versatile cantilever racking for efficient storage. #CantileverRacking #EfficientStorage

Cantilever Racking System

Due to the multidirectional forklifts, cantilever racks are preferred for lengthy industrial items such as steel and plastic pipes, PVC carpets, and plasterboard etc. It is available in different sizes and weight capacities, depending on your stock and space.
Versatile racking system for various warehouse needs. #MediumDutyRackingSystem #VersatileUse

Medium Duty Racking

Abazar Shelving offers you the best quality medium duty racks, which are easily configurable and ideal for hand stacking. Customizable as per your storage requirements, medium duty shelves are for both commercial and industrial warehouses.
Efficient slotted angle shelving for organized displays. #SlottedAngleShelving #OrganizedDisplays

Slotted Angle Shelving

Slotted angle racks come with an exceptional load carrying capacity and rust free design. To ease your material handling, we can help you with the most durable slotted angle racks no matter how big or small your space is.
High-capacity tyre racking systems for large inventories. #TyreRackingSystems #HighCapacity

Tyre Racking Systems

Similar to the pallet racking system, tyre racking system is for all types of tyre storage needs with customizable weight capacities. Made of high-durability galvanized steel, our tyre racking system is perfect for space saving racking system in UAE.
Reliable drive-in pallet racking for organized warehouse. #DriveInPalletRacking #OrganizedStorage

Drive-in Pallet Racking

Drive in pallets are ideal for a stock that is not time delicate and need to be stored in a large amount. Whether you need single entry drive-in pallets or double entry for a large warehouse, we offer you cost-effective solutions for your cold storage needs.
Reliable galvanized pallet racking for long-lasting durability. #GalvanizedPalletRacking #LongLasting

Galvanized Racks

We offer galvanized pallet racking solution to protect your stock from rust and bad weather conditions such as outdoor storage, cold storage and more. You can stock auto parts, equipment, and food items, in our corrosion resistant steel pallet racks.

Space-saving double deep pallet racking system. #DoubleDeepPalletRacking #SpaceSaving

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Just like its name, double deep pallet racking is made with a second row added behind, depending on the size or depth required. Double deep pallets are customizable and can increase the storage space by 30%.
Industrial-grade chrome racks and shelves for heavy loads. #ChromeRackingShelving #HeavyDuty

Chrome Shelving

Chrome shelving is used at retail stockrooms for apparel, commercial equipment and so on. Also known as metal wire shelving, it is designed to handle heavy-duty loads in the most systematic way.
Adjustable bolt-free shelving for customizable setups. #BoltFreeShelving #AdjustableSetup

Bolt-Free Shelving

A cost-effective and durable option, bolt free shelving enables easy accommodation of bulky stock with enough visibility and airspace. We at Abazar Shelving, provide you with installation and supply for bolt-free shelving in Dubai.
Sleek stainless steel shelving for modern aesthetics. #StainlessSteelShelving #ModernDesign

Stainless Steel Shelving

Stainless steel is the most considerable shelving due to its durable structure that is perfect for your cold storage needs. We offer you customizable stainless steel shelf racks that are easy to assemble and clean.
Efficient mobile shelving in Dubai for organized displays. #MobileShelvingDubai #OrganizedDisplays

Mobile Shelving

Utilize your storage space up to 80% with an attractive and easy mobile shelving system, ideal for bulk document storage, and heavy duty supplies, etc. By adding more cabinets on the same platform, you can easily manage and access the stock.
Adjustable supermarket shelving for customizable setups. #SupermarketShelving #Adjustable

Supermarket Shelving

Supermarket shelving is ideal for retail stores, and stockrooms for light duty, as well as heavy duty storage, needs. Our versatile and professional supermarket shelves can be customized according to your retail store needs, in a cost-effective manner.
Heavy-duty locker cabinets for industrial use. #MetalLockerCabinets #HeavyDuty

Metal Locker Cabinet

To safeguard your important stock or fragile items, we offer the best quality metal locker cabinets that perfectly fit your storage needs. You can get custom metal lockers depending on your using purpose.

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