Slotted Angle

Slotted angle shelving is indeed, an ultimate solution for manual storage in your working areas. The kind of shelving we are referring can be dismantled and later assembled into varieties. According to what you need and the space you have, this can be the way better option for your product’s storage. As far, being DUBAI’S one of the most leading companies, ABAZAR group has earned excellence in quality of their products. Organizing your storage manually, slotted shelving will help you out in all the ways. Best way to define slotted angle shelving is that, you can create or destruct its frame according to what you wish to have. It’s all up to you how many angle shelves are to be included either one extra or a two less. Being the quickest and the easiest building storage system, it is useful in warehouses, workshops, factories, construction sites and for personal usage.

Also the versatility of this type provides better assembly of shelves for proper storage. Each of the slotted angle rack has a frame to give enough space for a perfect storing cause. Also the slotted angle shelves, as mentioned above, states the best feature of this shelving tool. You have to calculate the area that is being used, then cut some shelves out or add few with nuts and bolts. It’s simple design and prominent versatility makes it a flexible option to store your products. As easy it is to cut and fabricate the segments, it’s also that reasonable to pay.

At the Abazar platform, you can get the full range of compatible accessories for different sizes Slotted Shelves and Slotted Angles and with different weights capacities. Abazar Shelving is profoundly involved in designing world class Slotted Angle Racks, which are used for storing goods and materials.

Slotted angle shelving is of three types:

  • Open type
  • Semi open type
  • Closed type

Are you searching for a solution to organize your goods into your work places? Then better to choose slotted angle shelving for proper good store. Its excellent value for money will suit your needs in order by giving best in return. ABAZAR group of companies, DUBAI is available for you to instruct as well as construct your storage solutions. We have experts for you to inquire and dissolve each of your queries. Discuss your deal and come into the business that works smartly. queries now.