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Steel Mezzanine Floors Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE

Whether you have small storage space or a large warehouse, you can potentially double your available storage space by considering steel mezzanine floors and make better use of the available height in the warehouses. With us, you can get structural steel mezzanine floors to your industrial storage system, providing more space and strong racking, which is safe and organized. We provide you with the best fabrication works services, whether you want rack based industrial steel mezzanine floors or two-tier shelving system.

If you are looking for a reliable steel mezzanine floor manufacturer and supplier, then Abazar Shelving is the brand that you should make contact. They have the best quality mezzanine floor and have a team of highly experienced staff. So if you are looking for a reliable steel mezzanine floor manufacturer and supplier, then Abazar Shelving is the brand that you should go to.

Features of Our Steel Mezzanine Floors

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Why is the mezzanine floor made of steel?

Mezzanines are popular in industrial applications. These structures allow for increased workspace and, in some cases, added storage space. Mezzanines can be used for building entrances, stairwells and office space.

Mezzanine floors are typically constructed of steel. Smaller mezzanines may feature non-stressed steel beams that can be bolted together. Larger structures often feature welded steel frames. Seismic forces and wind loading could cause a non-stressed beam to fail, while a welded structure will continue to remain stable under such force.

Many mezzanines are built using bolted connections. Bolt-together assemblies create a stable structure that is easy to assemble on the ground before being moved into place. Bolt-together construction requires less welding than other assembly methods, which reduces costs and limits safety hazards. Bolted connections also make it easy to disassemble a mezzanine if it becomes necessary to move or replace the unit in the future.

If you need an industrial mezzanine floor, then contact Abazar Shelving. We are proud to say that we have been in the industry for more than a decade and we have gained the trust of thousands of clients. We have expanded our business throughout the UAE. Now, we are ready to take on any challenges brought by the global market. If you need an industrial mezzanine floor or any other requirement for the mezzanine in Dubai, then you can count on us.

Why do you need a mezzanine floor in a warehouse?

Mezzanine flooring systems are a popular way to add storage space to a warehouse or other industrial space. Though they’re often associated with being a workplace amenity, they can also be used in any commercial facility where storage space is scarce and valuable. Mezzanines can hold many different types of materials, including items that need to be kept at specific temperatures or humidity levels (like food products). Because the mezzanine allows for the use of vertical space, it’s possible to increase the amount of square footage available for storage by as much as 25 percent. While an open floor plan makes for an efficient workspace, it often means that there simply isn’t enough room to store all the materials needed. With a mezzanine flooring system, however, this isn’t an issue.
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