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Tyre Racking Systems Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Specifically designed to hold and store tyres of all sizes, tyre storage racks are designed from pallet racking, and long span shelving components for a variety of sizes, and weight handling. This is suitable for automobile warehouses where the need of maximizing the space without compromising the safety and quality is essential. We can find you the best tyre racking system in Dubai, UAE no matter what your tyre storage requirements are.

Features of Tyre Storage Racks

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When it comes to solving storage issues at your industrial warehouse, and increasing efficiency to save your time, we are the leading Tyre Racking Systems supplier in Dubai, UAE helping you get the correct racking system for your space.

Tyre Racking Systems

What are the benefits you will gain when you invest in a tyre racking system?
  • A tyre racking system can help you store thousands of tires in a smaller space, and they provide a number of benefits.
  • First, they allow you to stack/store tires of various sizes and weights. This gives you flexibility when it comes to storing different sizes or types of tires.
  • Second, they reduce the need for floor space. This means less space is needed overall, which can save money since less floor space means less rent or utilities.
  • Third, they keep your facility safe. When you have fewer tires on the ground, there is less chance for someone to trip on one and fall over it.

Why are warehouse racking systems in the UAE important?

When you are running a business, you have to keep in mind that there will be times when you will need more space for storing your goods. In that case, it is essential that you do not use your space for storing tires. This is why you should invest in the tyre racking system to get the best out of your warehouse facility.

A tyre racking system is an ideal solution for both commercial and industrial establishments. The racks are designed to offer space-efficient solutions by removing tyres from the floor, allowing greater floor space to be used for other storage options. The rack also prevents the build-up of tyres which can be a safety hazard and also minimizes the potential damage to surroundings due to corrosion and rusting.

The tyre racking systems come with many features including storage options, easy assembly and disassembly, durability, anti-corrosion treatment, and more. They eliminate the need for stacking tyres on the floor or on top of each other, which can lead to damaging tyres due to the pressure applied on them. On top of that, they do not take up too much space as they are usually installed overhead on beams or trusses.

The racks can hold up to 600 tires at once thus reducing the amount of space required to store them.

Tyre RACKING Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Why are we the leading tyre racking supplier in Dubai?

We’re the leading supplier of tire racking systems in Dubai because we have a proven track record of providing clients with the perfect solution.

Abazar Shelving is the expert when it comes to industrial warehouse storage, and we have all the right solutions at affordable prices. From our knowledgeable team of specialists to our wide range of products, we have everything you need to make your warehouse a space that can handle your operations with ease. Our product line includes industrial shelving, pallet racking, portable storage, and other products that can be customized to suit your needs.

We are the leading supplier of tyre racking systems in Dubai for several reasons. First, we go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need from us. We offer on-site consultations to determine how many shelves you need, how much space your equipment takes up, how many pallets you can store on each level of your racking system, and more. We also provide quotations so you know before you buy exactly what your costs will be. Finally, we will work with you from start to finish so that every aspect of your order is precisely tailored to fit your business needs.

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